New Clients

To inquire with any questions or to schedule services with Claire please email.

Prior to your first hydrotherapy or massage visit:

  1. Email Claire to discuss goals and overview of your dog and his/her health.

  2. Upon schedule confirmation, complete and submit the following forms at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit. Please print, complete, and send scans of the completed forms to Claire’s email:

  3. Plan to bring a towel or two for your wet dog’s ride home!

Cancellation policy: Please contact Claire at least 24 hours prior to your visit to avoid a cancellation fee.

During your first hydrotherapy visit:

What to expect:

Upon your first visit to hydrotherapy, I will introduce myself to you and your dog. You will be able to sit pool side and observe the whole time, even sitting close to reassure them, or if you’d prefer be in the pool with us. 

Often they are nervous to start and may have no interest in treats or toys. The time it takes for them to adjust is individual, and my ultimate goal is to take their lead. Sometimes this just takes minutes but occasionally it can take more than the initial session. I have an abundance of patience and this is their journey not mine; we always get there in the end and they are so proud of their achievement.

During our session we will have time to discuss our plan going forth, including frequency of sessions to achieve our goals and whether we feel half hour or full hour sessions are a better fit for your unique situation. There is no pressure; we constantly communicate and decide everything together. There is no one size fits all.

Prior to your first canine massage visit:

What to expect:

As most of us know how great massage can be, from simply easing those aching muscles and relaxing us to also helping to correct compensation and gait alignment. 

Massage is most often enjoyed in the comfort of their own home or outside if the weather allows, where they are most at ease. This option is also of great help to those dogs that are not able to dial down their enthusiasm for the pool, to simply separate off the massage component and experience these benefits separately.

It is common for some dogs to be unsettled on the first visit but as soon as they begin to understand the intent of my presence they calm and enjoy the body work. I most often work on the floor, using their dog bed, or sit with them on the sofa, I will go where ever they are most comfortable and at ease, even outside in the shade of a tree. 

You are welcome to sit close by and observe, or if distracting you can go about your day and return at the end. I’ll be able to communicate what I have observed  and how their body responded to massage, changes to range of motion, and stretches.