Services and Pricing

Days and hours vary, so please email for availability.


Sessions are either an hour or half hour, as needed. This time includes drying off and leashing up your dog after treatment. (If you need more time to dry and groom your dog after swimming that time needs to be factored in so not to inconvenience the next client).

Hour sessions: $110

Half Hour sessions: $60


Initial massage sessions are available to clients at the pool location. Future sessions can be arranged at your home or wherever the dog is most comfortable.

Hour Sessions: Sadly I am not offering home visits at this time.


Consultations are available to improve your dogs diet, whether that is selecting a better packaged product, transitioning to a raw diet, and even taking the plunge into creating and making your dogs food. These transitions can be a scary leap (as I can attest!) but I can help you to navigate and take this journey slowly, so that you can build confidence and enjoy improving your dogs diet and hopefully adding years of quality life and time together.


Along with supporting you through the challenges of living with a senior animal I can also offer palliative hydrotherapy sessions. These are similar to my normal services but more directed toward supportive flotation therapy. This is incredibly comforting for senior dogs who may be struggling with mobility. The buoyancy of the water allows them to feel free and in trusted arms, relieving joint pain with warmth and gentle massage. 

The time when our pets are getting older and beginning to struggle with everyday life can be increasingly stressful and worrying for us all. Having a supportive network around us during this challenging time is key to staying grounded and having a safe outlet to express our concerns without judgement. 

There are many products and strategies which can help our aging animals: harnesses, boots, wheel chairs and many other things you may find yourself considering. I can advise on which of these options are more effective and worth your investment. It can be overwhelming to try to navigate the many choices; I can help identify which options and strategies will be the most effective for your particular animal and their needs as they evolve.

This journey is not easy. While we will rely on your veterinarian of choice for your dog’s medical needs, I can offer practical and supportive assistance as well as resources to help to ensure that your dog remains comfortable at home as their needs change over time.

Please inquire about availability and pricing.

Saintly Touch accepts payment by cash, checks (payable to Saintly Touch) or credit cards – additional merchant charges per transaction will apply.